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Frequently Asked Questions

You may utilise either PVC or solid wood or a combination thereof. We can use pre-finished ply-wood for our carcasses (cabinetry) with our drawer and door faces made of solid wood- mahogany, maple, oak (red and white) and poplar. Please note that completely solid wood kitchens are also an option. You also have the option of using PVC for your cabinetry and carcass which is a very durable material that is water and termite resistant. In addition, you may have PVC used for the carcass and solid wood door and drawer faces or just utilise PVC lining for the sink area. We want all our clients completely satisfied and therefore, you may choose from any of the combinations above for your cabinetry and carcass that best suit your needs.

No, you are not. Select the colour palette of your choice and we will work with our suppliers in order to match it.

Yes, they will because they are custom-built to your kitchen’s dimensions.

Yes, they are. We mainly outsource accessories such as the mixer lift, magic corners, metal lazy susans and so forth.

Your kitchen is designed by you or we can design your kitchen to suit your needs. Your input is always welcomed.

After deposit, your project can take approximately six (6) to ten (10) weeks.

Yes, you can. However, Smart Kitchen and Island Countertop have partnered to give you a preferred rate on selected countertop materials if they are purchased along with the cabinetry.

Clients have the options of granite, quartz and marble (marble is not recommended for kitchens) for their projects.

Apart from kitchens, we can construct reception and office desks, laundry rooms, bars and other similar projects.

The initial deposit is 60% followed by a 35% at the end of the manufacturing stage before painting and 5% after installation.

There are no warranties on the lumber or plywood used since it is certified free of pests by the suppliers of the material and checked by the relevant authorities. Due to this process, Smart Kitchen cannot be held liable. Materials or hardware used by Smart Kitchen shall be warranted only to the extent that the suppliers or manufacturers of those products provide a warranty. In the event that a defect is discovered in the product(s), Smart Kitchen will assist the client in securing a replacement or repairing the product(s) for the duration of the product manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty on the workmanship shall be for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of completion. Any warranty work performed during the warranty period does not extend the warranty any further than was previously stated in the terms of the time from the date of completion. All aspects of this warranty are void if a person or company other than Smart Kitchen performs or re-performs any work within the scope of the warranty. There are exclusions which are noted in the company contract. Warranty on a PVC kitchen is 5 years.

As it relates to the countertops, we provide a “care sheet” to help you maintain your material.

Our wood is pre-treated; however, we also treat it again on site.

Yes, we do. Our staff are available to serve you in the best way possible, thus do not hesitate to call us to inquiry about any of your needs even after the sale. This is very important to us. As our relationship with you is what matters most.

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